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We strongly recommend: Second Call Defense

See their video on why

You've probably thought a lot about how you'll defend yourself if you're forced to use a firearm. Have you thought about what you'll do AFTER a self-defense shooting?

We all have the right to defend ourselves. Unfortunately, you still can find yourself in a lot of trouble. You can be arrested, jailed, sued, fired, and bankrupted... even when you have legally and justifiably used a gun in self defense.

We recently joined an organization called Second Call Defense, and we recommend that you join as well. This is the ONE self defense plan that:

  • Gives you three plans covering four comprehensive levels of protection: insurance, financial support, rapid response, and training & education.
  • Follows you everywhere with immediate legal help available 24/7/365.
  • Provides unlimited coverage for civil suit legal defense---in fact this is the only plan in the world that does so.

Click this link to watch their YouTube video for a quick overview

Here's even more info:

All About
Second Call

Answers to Common

and Pricing

(Find applications here)

Second Call
Defense blog

"If you use a firearm in self defense, your first call should be to 911
to request an ambulance and law enforcement;
your second call should be to Second Call Defense."

If you carry, joining Second Call Defense would be one of your smartest moves.


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