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Black Oak Training, Inc. is a firearms-safety training school near Paradise, California. We are a California corporation. We provide training and qualification for concealed-carry permits through Butte and Tehama Counties along with a number of NRA classes. Our classes cater to individuals who are serious about learning how to defend their own and others' lives.

We don't teach you how to pass a test. We teach you how to survive an attack.

Our CCW course meets all requirements for Butte and Tehama Counties and California for new (8-hour) and renewing (4-hour) CCW training. We also offer marksmanship coaching and holstering classes for those who want more.

We keep our classes small so that each client can get the necessary training to make him or her safe, comfortable, competent, and capable in his or her new firearm-handling skills.

We welcome your inquiries about our training. In fact, we'll be happy to assist with questions concerning CCWs, NRA classes, and Second Call in general.

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