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Black Oak Training, Inc., is a firearms-safety training school in Butte County, California. We provide 4-hour and 8-hour qualification classes for Butte County concealed-carry permits. Our instructors also are certified by the National Rifle Association to teach several NRA courses. See our Calendar for all upcoming classes & events (and don't forget to check out Private and Small Group Pricing)!

Butte County CCW:

Four-Hour Renewal Class

Eight-Hour Initial Class

FAQs on CCW Training


Marksmanship Coaching, Handguns

Holster and Tactical Training

General Interest Classes

Real Basics: Handgun Selection & Safety

Markmanship Coaching, Handguns

Family Firearm Safetyfor families with teens

Certified NRA Training

NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO)

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Remember: the only answer to a bad people with guns...
are good people with training, awareness, and action plans.

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(Certified GLOCK ARMORER. Got a Glock repair or maintenance issue? Ask!)

We are members of, and are happy to recommend:

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We are part of the NRA Business Alliance

We are a Second Call recruiter